CalRecovery Inc.

2454 Stanwell Drive
Concord, CA 94520
United States of America
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Since our inception in 1975, we have diligently worked toward reaching the highest levels of professional service applied to solid waste management. Our level of understanding about the complexities involved in the proper management of solid wastes ranges from the simplest technical issues to the most intricate financial and political matters. Our experience in researching, designing, testing, and evaluating both technical and non-technical issues in the field provides us with the basic tools to tackle a variety of challenges. Our staff feels comfortable in the field collecting waste composition data, as well as in a classroom teaching waste management or in a laboratory assessing alternatives for low- or no-gravity conditions. We enjoy working under different conditions, climates, cultures, and languages. We are proud to be one of the few to be working on waste management in space, as we are proud to be providing specialized solutions to relatively small islands.