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Lubricants (Oil, Grease)

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Groeneveld: the best automated lubrication systems. Period.

We offer automated greasing solutions customized to your equipment needs.

Our On-Road customers use our Singleline systems, which deliver consistent metered amounts of Zero grease to protect and maintain their truck fleets & trailers. These systems can be tailored to fit side-loaders, front-loaders, roll-offs etc. They take a beating and keep on working.

Our Off-Road customers, who work their equipment in much harsher environments, rely on our dual line Twin systems - possibly the most rugged and reliable pump system on the market today - to deliver consistent metered amounts of #2 grease to their fleets of yellow iron.

Customers from both segments are discovering the subtle advantages of our unique oil management system, which is positively impacting their bottom line. In addition to all the benefits of automated maintenance, Groeneveld's Oilmaster systems are improving the fuel efficiency of the engines they serve.

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