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SCS Engineers provides assessment, design, permitting, construction, operation and maintenance, and monitoring of solid waste, landfills, and landfill gas solutions. SCS integrated solid waste management plans are sustainable, addressing both the financial and operational efficiencies of our clients. We serve public and private customers across the nation to prevent, mitigate and remediate environmental events, and use our environmental regulatory systems knowledge to help shorten project timelines and stay on budget. This year and in subsequent years SCS ranked by ENR and Waste360, as one of the top all environmental consulting firms in North America (air, water, soil) and has one of the longest and successful landfill gas and renewable energy practices in the United States.

SCS Engineers specializes in sustainable environmental solutions and facilities by merging business and engineering requirements into sensible, affordable plans. Our professional teams are located according to their knowledge of regional and local geography, regulatory policies and industrial or scientific specialty and work with our specialty divisions under the SCS umbrella.

SCS Field Services OM&M provides operation, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) services for a broad range of solid waste and environmental control facilities. These facilities include composting systems, biogas systems and pipelines, leachate treatment and groundwater remediation. SCS Field Services OM&M manages operations at hundreds of solid waste facilities throughout the country.

SCS Field Services Construction provides construction services for a variety of environmental systems, including compost facilities, biogas systems, electrical generation facilities, landfill closure, remediation, and facility construction.

SCS Technology Services works closely with our business sectors developing software, applications and support services which harness technology to capture, track and evaluate environmental data. Our SCSeTools® platform and applications help hundreds of clients collect data and use the data to make compliance reporting more accurate and timely, enhance their productivity and increase field safety while maximizing gas capture.

SCS Management Services works with SCS clients to build financially sustainable plans and program funding. We help clients in multiple business sectors achieve their business and technical goals.

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